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Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Yesterday" - Producer Anant Singh

South Africa received its first nomination (however, lost to a Spanish film) for the best foreign-language Oscar for Yesterday, a tragic tale of an HIV-positive mother facing death. The producer is Anant Singh, South African Indian Filmmaker.

Infact when I met Prof. Brij Maharaj from South Africa, I asked for a few filmmakers from South Africa, I think he gave me this name.

I appreciate the filmmaker for making a film in the local Zulu language, I was just wondering what is it like to be an South African Indian filmmaker. I took a look at his filmography, seems he's made movies only on South Africa, nothing "Desi" or "Diasporic" about any. However this guy, is kicking in a desi connection by producing Nelson Mandela's autobiography, directed by the very apna (our own) Shekhar Kapoor.

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